Quality and environmental policy

Integrated quality, environment and occupational health and safety policy

Our integrated quality, environment and occupational health and safety (OHS) policy promotes the efficiency of our products and processes, offering our customers innovative products with high technological value, providing competitive advantages and certified quality.

In ABN we actively work for the professional development of our employees, equal conditions, the integration of disadvantaged groups, health and safety prevention and respect for the environment.
To this end, our quality, environmental and safety objectives are as follows:

      • Compliance with legal and established requirements, as well as continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the integrated quality, environment and health and safety management system.
      • Implantación en nuestras operaciones de la Norma UNE EN ISO 9001, la norma UNE EN ISO 14001 y la UNE EN ISO 45001, asegurando el cumplimiento de todas sus exigencias. La organización debe determinar, establecer, documentar, implementar y mantener un sistema integrado de gestión de la calidad, el medio ambiente y la seguridad que garantice su eficacia.
      • The training of our employees in accordance with the needs, so that they take the responsibility to perform their work with the required quality and the necessary safety.
      • The commitment to supply the best products on the market to our customers, satisfying their demands in terms of quality of the final product, analysing possible complaints, reviewing and updating all production processes to optimise this service.
      • Periodic review of our processes to keep them always under control and up to date.
      • The development of innovation projects that enable the development of more efficient and competitive products that provide added a value for our customers.

The management and staff of ABN Pipe Systems are committed to the conservation of natural resources in accordance with the following environmental principles:

      • Identify and evaluate the environmental aspects associated with the activities carried out, continuously improve them and prevent pollution. In addition to informing and training ABN Pipe Systems personnel in aspects related to environmental protection.
      • Consider environmental aspects in the planning and development of services.
      • Comply with applicable environmental legislation and regulations, as well as other requirements to which ABN Pipe Systems is committed, such as using environmentally friendly products in all its activities.

      • To analyse and improve its practices and processes, in the light of technological advances, new safety conditions and environmental science, aimed at the prevention and minimisation of harmful impacts on all areas of the environment.
      • Provide truthful and transparent information on ABN Pipe Systems' environmental performance to customers, partners, public administrations and other stakeholders

Release date 5.1#6R6: 01/09/2022

Publication date: 01/09/2022

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