Equality Plan (2021-2025)

ABN's Equality Plan is a priority within the company's strategic plan and is considered a fundamental principle of labour relations and human resources management. This plan aims to achieve equal treatment and opportunities between women and men, eliminating any possible discrimination based on sex within the company.

The plan also contains a number of specific objectives for each area of intervention:

      1. Selection and recruitment process area: ensure real equality of access and opportunities for men and women in recruitment and selection processes.
      2. Professional classification area:ensure the principle of equality in the job classification system.
      3. Learning area:build an organisational culture that is sensitive to gender inequalities by training the company in equality.
      4. Professional promotion area:ensure promotion processes in the company in which women and men can access on equal terms.
      5. Personal, family and work area:promoting and facilitating work-life balance and co-responsibility in the company.
      6. Remuneration area:ensuring equal pay for men and women.
      7. Area of under-representation:ensure a balanced presence of women and men at all levels of the company, eliminating horizontal and vertical segregation.
      8. Area of occupational health and safety:ensure the occupational health of women and men.
      9. Area of prevention of sexual and gender-based harassment:ensure a respectful working environment and prevent harassment.
      10. Area of inclusive and non-sexist communication and advertising:ensure that internal and external communication promotes an equal image of women and men.

Release date 5.1#6R6: 01/09/2022

Publication date: 01/09/2022

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