CO2 footprint offsetting

We have offset our CO2 emissions

We have offset 22 Tn of CO2 emissions corresponding to our activity in 2020 (10 Tn) and 2021 (12 Tn).

We have the Certificate of Voluntary Cancellation issued by the United Nations for our collaboration with the program "Water Public Health Program in East Africa” y el 6.25 MW grid-connected mini-hydro project in Chamarajanagar district, Karnataka”.

DelAgua East Africa Public Health Programme

Household air pollution is the leading environmental cause of death and disability, ahead of unsafe water and poor sanitation; and causes more deaths than malaria, HIV and tuberculosis combined.More than 3 billion people still cook over polluting fires in the world. mundo y es una de las principales causas a las emisiones de CO2.

The project DelAgua Tubeho Neza has been operational since 2012, in partnership with the Government of Rwanda, providing free, innovative and de alto rendimiento a la población. Over 600,000 cookstoves have been distributed so far, helping 3,000 children and adolescents in the region. million Rwandans.This project is financed by the sale of carbon credits.

From ABN we have offset our C02 production during the 2020s by contributing to this project, having a real impact both on climate change and on the health and well-being of the Rwandan families who receive these cookers.

Interesting facts about the DelAgua project:

  • Each cooker financed by this project consumes 50% less wood, the project will reduce deforestation and conserve critical wildlife habitats.
  • Reduces carbon emissions by 10 tonnes in its first 5 years of life.
  • The cooker uses half the amount of wood and cooks much more efficiently, thus reducing women's time poverty, which they can use for other activities.
  • The children, who spend up to 3 hours a day collecting firewood, can use this time to attend school, thus improving their education.
  • The domestic air pollution is reduced by 73%, which reduces smoke inhalation and benefits the health of women and children.

By offsetting our annual carbon footprint with credits from the project DelAgua, Ww are directly contributing to finance the purchase of more cookers to benefit the more than 2 million rural households in Rwanda.

Voluntary carbon footprint cancellation

6.25 MW grid-connected mini-hydro project at SLS Power Industries Ltd., Chamarajanagar district, Karnataka

El proyecto genera electricidad utilizando el potencial hidroeléctrico disponible en el río Cauvery y exportando la electricidad generada a la compañía eléctrica estatal Karnataka Power Transmission Corporation Ltd. (KPTCL). (KPTCL).
From ABN we have offset our C02 production during 2020 by contributing to this project, having a real impact on both climate change and the health and well-being of families residing in the Chamarajanagar district.
Voluntary carbon footprint cancellation

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