ReTAP-Box. Pick-up point for plastic pipes and fittings

Re-TAP Box Pick-up Point for Plastic Pipes and Fittings is a pioneering and innovative environmental initiative to reprocess waste generated on site from cuttings of polypropylene or polyethylene pipes and fittings.

Aligned with the SDGs

ODS 13

Main uses

All materials can be used

ABN also has the technology to separate composite materials such as gaskets or metal parts. In addition, the extensive reintegration process ensures that products of identical quality are produced.

Collection point at the construction site

Request your container ReTAP-Box for your important projects. We will take care of the shipping and subsequent collection.

Collection point at distributor

As a distributor you can also apply for your ReTAP-Box for your installations. We will take care of its delivery and subsequent collection.

Order your ReTAP-BOX now!

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