EPD Environmental Product Declaration

Our main product families for evacuation and pressure feature the ENVIRONMENTAL PRODUCT DECLARATION (EPD), siendo uno de los primeros fabricantes a nivel internacional that manages to certify most of its ranges.

Why our systems are sustainable?

Application of circular economy principles

We apply in all our manufacturing technologies the principles of the circular economy.

        1. Energy sources and sources of waste production.
        2. Stages of design, use of materials, manufacture, market, recycling, repurposing.

Water use responsibly

The cooling circuits are closed, allowing continuous use of water.

Latest generation of raw materials and composite formulations

We use proprietary composite formulations and the latest generation of raw materials to optimise weight and improve pressure and temperature conditions..

Using less raw material, the main pollutant in the chain.

Energy efficiency

Our energy use corresponds only to sources 100% renewable.

Declaración Ambiental de Producto (EPD)

The Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)

Learn more about our systems sustainable y descubre sus usos y functionalities.

See more details in the life cycle analysis of our products and their environmental impacts.

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