Health and safety at work

On health and safety, to ensure that the production process is completely safe for workers, ABN Pipe Systems management and staff are committed to:

      • Provide safe and healthy working conditions for the prevention of work-related injuries and health impairment appropriate to the purpose, size and context of the organisation and the specific nature of its OSH risks and OSH opportunities.
      • To consider the prevention of occupational risks as a priority objective, which must be present in each and every one of the company's actions.
      • To achieve a high level of occupational health and safety, complying with legal and other requirements.
      • Develop, implement and maintain a management model aimed at continuous improvement of Working Conditions by eliminating hazards and reducing OSH risks.
      • Ensure the participation and information of all staff and give effect to the right to consultation of workers and their representatives.
      • This policy shall be reviewed at least annually for continuing suitability, which shall be done in conjunction with management review meetings.

Para la aplicación de los principios establecidos en esta política se desarrollarán planes de actuación, objetivos y metas documentados que permitan mejorar continuamente. La evaluación de la efectividad de dichos planes y su puesta en práctica se sustentará en la realización de auditorías periódicas y en la revisión por parte de la Dirección de los resultados.

      • Identify and evaluate the environmental aspects associated with the activities carried out, continuously improve them and prevent pollution. In addition to informing and training ABN Pipe Systems personnel in aspects related to environmental protection.
      • Consider environmental aspects in the planning and development of services.
      • Comply with applicable environmental legislation and regulations, as well as other requirements to which ABN Pipe Systems is committed, such as using environmentally friendly products in all its activities.
      • To analyse and improve its practices and processes, in the light of technological advances, new safety conditions and environmental science, aimed at the prevention and minimisation of harmful impacts on all areas of the environment.
      • Provide truthful and transparent information on ABN Pipe Systems' environmental performance to customers, partners, public administrations and other stakeholders

Release date 5.1#6R6: 01/09/2022

Publication date: 01/09/2022

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